Abolish the death penalty in Texas!!!

Abolish the death penalty in Texas!!!

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Started by Tianna <3

The death penalty should be abolished as soon as possible in Texas.

The people most affected by this problem are the inmates. More specifically the ones who turn out to be innocent. Imagine you get arrested for something you didn't do. You get put on trial then sentenced to the death sentence. If you were sentenced to jail time then maybe you could get out after being proven innocent. If you're dead your innocence is irrelevant.  An example of an inmate that got arrested then executed is Cameron Todd Willingham was executed February 17th 2004 in texas.  He was convicted for arson. He was believed to have intentionally set a fire that killed his three kids, in 1992. Later the Texas forensic science commission discovered evidence that the fire was an accident and that Cameron Todd Willingham was in fact innocent (Stories.avvo, “ 8 people who were executed and later found innocent”). Cameron isn't the only one who faces things like this, since 1930 the state of texas has executed 841 inmates. (info please, “the top ten: Most executions by state”).

The death penalty needs to be banned. It has been done before. As of 2020 there are 22 states that have abolished the death penalty. (nbc news, Map:These are The states That allow the death penalty) That's not even half half of the country there needs to be more. 

The people who can change aren't citizens. The ones in the government are ones who need to act. Specifically to have it abolished in Texas we would need it to be ruled out by the supreme court.

I care about this subject because I can't imagine what it's like knowing you're about to die. I know there are multiple occasions where someone is about to die and none of them are good. Even if you committed the crime you're being killed for. What if they feel regret? What if the crimes you're dying for was a mistake, a horrible mistake, but still a mistake. What about the family members of the one being executed, Someone's father, mother, son or daughter. How would they feel knowing that their relative was about to die. When they visit them for the last time.This issue is very important because being able to live is a human right. No matter what you do your right to be alive shouldn't be taken away from you. This is also important because of the cases of innocent people being executed. Ruben Cantu and Carlos DeLuna were both executed in Texas and then proven innocent (Stories.avvo, “ 8 people who were executed and later found innocent”). This is not only a problem in texas these things happen everywhere the death penalty is active. 

If this problem isn't solved then innocent people will continue to lose their lives. Of course there will always be the people who are guilty and face the consequences of their actions, but if you're the one who is innocent well, it's one thing to be sent to jail for something you didn't do, but it's another to die for something you didn’t do. 

I understand why some people don't want the death penalty to be abolished but death shouldn't be a punishment there are other ways to deal with criminals such as just sending the people with minor crimes to do community service hours and save the jail cells for the people who committed more serious crimes instead of killing them. so often we tell each other to forgive and that everyone deserves a second chance. Well if this is true then give people that chance.












14 have signed. Let’s get to 25!