Abolish The 2 Year Rule .. Keep Our Reps In Turkey

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We want the 2 Year rule Abolished in Turkey  - We are employees who love it in turkey and repeatedly return to work, the employees find it unfair due to the fact we are only allowed to do 2 seasons here ONLY and then go elsewhere, We want to be able to work here year in year out without having to go by the 2 year rule. If you have employees who have worked here for the last 2 years and have a love and passion for the country and know all the knowledge about the area and surrounding areas and who know all the locals & excursions and everything that the companys and turkey has to offer etc .. Where is the logic in not allowing these employees continue to do what they do best in a country in which they love and know and would benefit the company's and for people who are not really interested in the area and know nothing of the country they are in or the products the company's sell. LET US STAY IN TURKEY !