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To allow dog bite victims to right to seek compensation for their injuries with no disputed liability.

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In Texas, an owner is legally responsible for their dog only if prior knowledge existed about the dogs dangerous propensities. Thererfore, many Texans feel they have room for error given that Texas dog bite law allows one "free bite."

The Federal Centers for Disease Control report that nearly 4.7 million dog bites occur annually. Texas has one of the highest rates of dog attacks in the country and "one bite" states have seen the greatest number of fatal attacks in recent years.

While Texas law states that the burden of proof is on the victim, please let me inform you that the majority of dog bite victims are children.

More than $100 million is spent treating dog bites every year in the United States. These wounds can result in disfiguring scars that can have lifelong consequences from both a physical and emotional standpoint, especially in children.

The vast majority of dog bite injuries happen when people are engaged in regular social behavior in appropriate places. All dog breeds have the capability of biting and all people are potentially at risk to be bitten.

The one bite law was written by British judges in the 1600s and has no place in modern America. It is my belief that the one bite law should be replaced with a statute that makes every dog owner, keeper or harborer legally liable for any and all injuries caused by his or her dog, other than injuries that result from provocation or are inflicted upon a trespasser.

I am asking your support in my vision of abolishing the Texas "one bite" law thus, allowing dog bite victims the right to seek financial compensation for their injuries with no disputed liability.

As a Texan I am not protected under a "one shot" law and a dog shouldn't either.

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