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Abolish route 4 PRNAV

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 As an aspiring pilot i understand that it is hard to please everyone when it comes to flight paths and aircraft noise although there are better ways of doing it that give everyone there fair share of aircraft noise however this comes at a price. Gatwick i believe wrongly have chosen the cheaper and more precise option PRNAV.

PRNAV is simply sat nav for planes. It means that aircraft can fly with more precision compared to when using ground radio navigation. The CAA, airports and airlines are all keen to adopt this technology as it makes for easier movement of aircraft saving them time and money. 

At first sight this system seems to be a brilliant idea but the impact of PRNAV on residents is massive! All aircraft departing on PRNAV fly down a concentrated corridor meaning that the people under the flight path are exposed to a constant stream of noisy and polluting aircraft all throughout the day and into the night. Gatwick Airports route 4 is a prime example of this! 

Some of the areas affected are Capel, Newdigate, Beare Green, Leigh, Sidlow, Salfords, Horley and Reigate.

It is my belief that gatwick should adopt a dispersed departure system where everyone in the area gets there fair share of aircraft noise instead of it just being heavily inflicted on a few.

There are many campaign groups that support this argument including FairPlaynes and the GACC.  

Thank you for your time in reading this petition and please sign. You can also complain to gatwick about route 4 by using this adress

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