IMG-REL: Please takeover and instate a professional management in EastBengal Club

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Dear Sir,
When you decided to signed an agreement with AIFF and started Indian Super League; you had a vision. With ISL, we witnessed unforeseen glitz and glamor in Indian football. We saw several yesteryear larger than life stars and a handful of world-class support staff. We think ISL has the potential to carry the hither-to listless Indian football to a respectable position; provided the soul of Indian football is included. That soul remains in Kolkata and is shackled in unprofessionalism by some listless individuals.
For a century, Mohun Bagan and East Bengal are two names that kept the Indian football alive. Going forward, ISL needs these two clubs as much as these two clubs need ISL. We, as fans of East Bengal club, shall put forth our views.
Having witnessed umpteenth gaffes by our club management, we are convinced that our massive support base deserve better. We deserve a professionally run management that truly cares about securing our past reputation and nurtures our future. As supporters, we too have a dream. We want to see the Red & Gold paint in the Asian Championship.
This is a club that not too long ago was ranked 189th among all global clubs with brand equity of $3.9 M and had a credit rating of B+ on 2012. Nearly 1.4 Million fans follow the club in social media nationally and abroad. Vibrancy of the supporter base reverberates in all away bases from Ludhiana to Coimbatore; and from Goa to the hills of Shillong. Inclusion of East Bengal will take ISL to new heights. And inclusion in ISL will provide East Bengal with much needed promotion and marketing to attain new zenith.

Much of the fan base is extremely disappointed with the current club management. Abject failure includes:

  1. Failure to develop a long term goal or vision and execute it
  2. Failure to translate mass support base into sustainable revenue stream
  3. Failure to orchestrate meaningful fan events and generate revenue from merchandise sales
  4. Irresponsible media handling leading to brand value erosion
  5. Failure in foreigner and manager recruitment and not providing any stability to build long term squad and team

We are convinced that our ambition cannot be fulfilled by the current management. And hence we request your active support and intervention to take control of the club and put up a professional management team with vision.
If IMG-REL decides to execute a takeover of the current set up, please be assured that we, supporters of the club, will stand by you. We deserve to be better managed and ISL deserves the largest fan base of the country. We hope that IMG-REL will actively intervene and use all possible resources to secure brand East Bengal under the ISL umbrella.


An EastBengal Fan