गली ना मैदान में, कूड़ा कूड़ेदान में

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Every year an estimated 12.6 million people die as a result of living in an unhealthy environment. Source- WHO 

And despite all the warnings and precautions prescribed we aren't going to stop and day by day making our earth a bit more polluted than before. Here in Mayur Vihar Phase 3, we have Road near Safeda Park where the entire roadside is being used as a Dustbin. 

  • The roadside is filled up with domestic waste and of course the plastic bags.
  • Cows and other animals in search of food eat those polybags.
  • And it's degrading the quality of the environment with every passing moment. 

The thing with the people of this area is that we got so used to of it that we are okay with all of this. 

But we, a bunch of college students have decided to make an impact and stand against this act of polluting the environment. You can make an impact too, Just sign this petition and help us in having a strong voice against this issue. You can visit us on our social media profiles to support us. Facebook Instagram