Don't Destroy Youths #mulea campaign

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From 4+ Lakhs students of Bihar.

National media is sleeping except very few.

Everyone is busy making their own fortune. I have contacted several media, Facebook pages, YouTubers, the list goes on.

No one listens our voice except very few. No one understands our pain.

We are students of  Magadh University of Bihar. Our careers are being ruined. We are destroyed at the hands of University. Leaders too doesn't have time for us.

1) We took admission in the University in 3 year degree course (2016-19 session).
We should complete our graduation by july 2019 but it's so unfortunate that the University has not conducted the second year exam till date. Just because of their lethargy.

2). We are 2017-20 batch of 3 year degree course but it's so pathetic to tell that University has not conducted a single exam till date.

3) Part of 2015-2018 session's final results has been not cleared till date.

Ironically, if the situation continues and if it doesn't get media's  attention we would complete our graduation in 5-6 years.

Our Effort-
We made every possible effort.
-Visited Governor of Bihar, Office twice.
-Visited CM's office.

Didn't get any appointment..
Who we are ofcourse. They just talk big things in speeches and rallies about youth. At the ground level they destroy youth. Sadly, our media is so busy in fake dramas of Hindu and Muslim. No one is showing ground reality.

We visited administration to seek permission to hold Peaceful Protest for the injustice. We were denied any permission to hold so. Our voices are being suppressed.

Fed up from all this not having any support, we have started a social media campaign on YouTube  namely #mulea campaign (mulea-Magadh University Late Exam Aandolan).

So that nation comes to know how the youths are being destroyed. How their careers are being ruined. How they will have to live a medicore life.
To show the agony, mental torture, pain and uncertainty of careers through which the huge number of students are going through.

No media is raising this issue which should get largescale coverage, even no social media pages or YouTubers is raising this issue. Who cares if this youths are destroyed. 

No one is concerned about this issue. Everyone is busy in fake dramas of elections, Hindu-Muslim debate while huge number of students are left to be destroyed.

I believe that you will spread the word about our campaign.The nation would come to know about our situation, there will be pressure on the government to act justly. To take immediate note of our grave situation.

I believe you will act as a responsible citizen today. You will do something for the society today by extending a small help, which you can definitely do, which can save 4+ lakhs students career. It can bring out this huge number of students from depression and mental agony.

Please make this social media a weapon of good cause today. Don't let it to be used just for fun and for electioneering.

Youth of New India