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Call for Action by Talents/Artists for their rights !

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Now is the high time when our brother and an extraordinary known talent - Sahil Sharma got hit by these ruthless club management - staff, bouncers, owners. The artists have been facing all the problems like - not getting payments in advance, denial of payments, very less talent price offering but no one got nothing in their mind and hand. People would write posts , create stories ,  repost statuses but no positive outcome which would help artists to get their rights.


Let me tell you all my dear artist brothers & sisters, you hold every deserving right to take what you want but you are not taking it seriously too and  sell your rights/talents to some person who doesn’t deserve it or who don’t bother about your talent. But my dear friends you have no idea you hold the power to shut them to their core. Now its been few days there were stories all around Sahil Sharma case and see its again over our memories. Some more days, another incident happens and we again write stories , repost statuses, let social media create a buzz and nothing happens on the ground reality. We are here to change it now.

Let us imagine a day & a night without any DJ, Band, Dancers, Photographers who create ambiance for these outlets by showcasing their talents. Now what if I tell you we create an artist union right here right now who have certain guidelines to work on agendas like - Getting advance payments, Increased & deserved payments to exchange your talent with the consumers and also the point of views submitted to us by all artist members in this union and when we make this. If there exist any exploitation by these clubs/cafes/owners to any of the artists. We know what to do.

Let us sign this petition until we become the most powerful artists union in this world so no one can deny our rights.

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