Remove the Electronic Device Policy for HHH High School East

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In a previous and well-supported petition created by Johnny Bormann which is titled "Remove the upcoming school dress code for Half Hollow Hills High School East", Dr. Strong (from West Hollow Middle School), is initiating a policy where students cannot use ANY electronic devices that are theirs during school hours. This policy is EXTREMELY absurd as for the past couple decades that this school has been around, there has been no policy that any principal has sanctioned for the use of electronic devices, mainly cellphones. Cellphones are a common item that 99.9% of poeple use every day. They use it to listen to music, play games, make phone calls, etc. But that is completely removed with this new policy. Administrators and staff think that cellphones, (including other devices), effects learning and teaching in the classroom. This is NOT the case. Most of the time, students are using their phones solely to check the time. A study that was done around October 21, 2013 show that 90% of students use their phone during class for non-academic purposes, but 79% of those students use it to check the time. Obviously, teachers can enforce the rule of not using phones in their OWN class on their OWN time. Teachers also sometimes use cellphones for academic purposes. The teacher having to ask higher ups and receive approval for this would just take more time and have the teachers go through unnecessary effort. Furthermore, cellphones can also aid in a student's well-being through the day. Numerous amounts of students listen to music in the hallway and in class to not be distracted by other things that might affect them. If someone's feeling upset and doesn't want to talk anyone, they can listen to music to help them feel better. Research from the University of Missouri states that music can have a positive effect on peoples' well-beings. Even further, a 2005 study from the "Psychology of Music" discovered that workers who listened to music, had a much higher productivity level than people who didn't listen to music. The study also states the music can boost moods and improve motivation.

As stated in the paragraph above, electronic devices (mainly cellphones), are used to help students in their everyday lives while at school.

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