Aberfoyle Residents - You will Soon Live in Puslinch

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Canada Post has recently announced to the residents of Aberfoyle and surrounding areas in a letter dated July 8, 2016 that our neighbourhood will be "adopting your official municipality name as your mailing address".  

Further clarification from the office of Michael Chong MP has confirmed that the planned name change from "Guelph" will be to "Puslinch".

As a relatively new resident (2 years) and small business owner in Aberfoyle, I believe that the charming character of the Village of Aberfoyle, with its iconic Mill, Restaurant and pond, unique curio stores and the Aberfoyle Antique Market are best identified with the name of "Aberfoyle" relative to "Puslinch".  

There are several precedents for allowing Canada Post "municpal" nomenclature different than the official municipal designation;  in Wellington County and Halton Hills. 

In my own experience, when nearby Carlisle and Flamborough were amalgamated to the City of Hamilton, the Village of Carlisle maintained its own postal identity.   Mail addressed to a specific street, designated "Carlisle" or "Hamilton" was acceptable and delivered without issues. This was officially recognized by Canada Post. 

Additionally in the opinion of Real Estate agents active in the local market, the marketability and desirability of "Aberfoyle" as a premium community is different to that of "Puslinch", which is more identifiable as a rural community.

The Solution:  The Puslinch  council can request Canada Post to draw up boundaries for  "Aberfoyle" through a motion at council and make it an official designation for the residents and businesses within the determined boundaries.

Canada Post is accustomed to dealing with such requests according to information provided by Michael Chong's office. Note please, that his does not mean that our mail will not arrive if the municipality is designated "Puslinch".  Residents will have a choice. "Aberfoyle" or "Puslinch" .

THEREFORE, if you agree that the residents of Aberfoyle wish to designate "Aberfoyle" as an official Canada Post Designation, please sign this petition to let our locally elected officials know, and encourage them to address this matter with Canada post.

Respectfully, David Pietrobon,

86 Aberfoyle Mill Crescent,
Aberfoyle Ontario. 

Photocredit: Sourced from http://puslinchhistorical.ca