Traffic calming area in front of Sauchen's playground

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Main road in our small village Sauchen (AB51 7) is frequently used as a through road. A frequently used playground is along this road that currently has a 30mph speed limit. There are 2 entrances to the playground from main road. The one has no gate at all and the other gate opens towards the road. There is neither a footpath on the side of the playground, nor a zebra crossing, traffic light or traffic calming zone for children to safely cross the road and reach the playground's entrance. Just next to the playground there are 2 bus stops for the school bus (one on each side of the playground).

I often see cars, delivery vans and large agricultural vehicles speeding through the village putting the health and life of our children at risk in this area. I have emailed the Aberdeenshire council requesting a traffic calming zone for this area. This was rejected stating a "20 mph limits will only be applied in residential areas and other situations where there is a particular risk to vulnerable road users generally within the vicinity of schools". I found it astounding that a road bordering a playground that is even used by children younger than school age and thus with less traffic awareness does not count as a road with a particular risk to vulnerable road users.

I am hoping to get sufficient support to change the council's view and calm the traffic on main road near the bus stops and playground before an accident happens.