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Stop culling deer

Last year Aberdeen City Council culled approximately 35 deer living on Tullos Hill in Aberdeen in order to plant trees in a “Tree for Every Citizen Scheme”. The residents of Aberdeen did not want trees planted in their name if it meant the culling of deer which have lived there for generations but the Council went ahead regardless and intends to go on culling deer over the next 5 years or more. There was no mention of the Council’s intention to cull the deer when the public consultation was released and they resorted to destroying the deer’s habitat to eradicate the deer from the area. Tullos Hill was once a meadow filled with birds, plants, small mammals and deer. Thanks to the intervention of a minority, the hill is now largely a scarred, haphazard wasteland. Please speak out for those who can’t and sign the petition to stop any further deer being culled. Further information can be found on the following website

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