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Change your sizes ! Be more inclusive

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Explain why Recently, Abercrombie & Fitch's CEO has told the world that they are not going to sell clothes in their stores larger than L. Mike Jefferies also, said this in an interview;
“In every school there are the cool and popular kids, and then there are the not-so-cool kids,” “Candidly, we go after the cool kids. We go after the attractive all-American kid with a great attitude and a lot of friends. A lot of people don’t belong [in our clothes], and they can’t belong. Are we exclusionary? Absolutely.”-Mike Jeffries Abercrombie & Fitch CEO. Mike Jefferies is not inclusive and does not care. This is wrong firstly, because no one should be judged on their size. This just tells to customers they are not welcomed in their store because they are not slim enough to buy their products. Since when did CEOs start doing that ? Even if they do it needs to stop because no one should be judged on their size. There are so many people that have eating disorders because they think they are fat and this is telling to them even more to slim down. What's wrong with being a few sizes larger ?
Mike Jefferie seriously needs to review back his store clothing sizes and think about how many people he has affected because of this, and how many people that might have an eating disorder because of him and might not notice it. He is wrong and he should know that .... I mean how old is he ? Anyways, Mike Jefferies needs to give an apology and rethink his clothing sizes and be more mindful and respectful to other people no matter what their size is.
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