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A Small Reminder of Why We Are Doing What We're Doing...

Benjamin O'Keefe
Los Angeles, CA

May 11, 2013 — Zackary from Maine sent a message to me today that really touched my heart. Just one of the THOUSANDS I have received and the THOUSANDS more that have been left in the comments of this petition. Check it out and let it remind you of the importance of our message!

"Hello Benjamin,

My name is Zackary and I just wanted to thank you for starting this petition about Abercrombie. I think what you are doing here is truly great. The message that Abercrombie is sending to teens today is horrible...This petition personally means a lot to me because when I was in middle school all the way up to my freshman year of high school I was the person who was picked on for being overweight...Since then I have lost a lot of weight and reached out to the other people who were in the same position as me... When I signed this it made me truly happy to see that you and others are going out of their to make others feel accepted..."

Thanks Zack!


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