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Allow more refugees in Japan #refugeesinjapan

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In recent years, the refugee crisis is getting worse. As of June 2017 (according to the UNHCR), 65.6 million people are forced out of their homes. Of them, 22.5 million are refugees. More than 20 people are forcefully displaced every minute due to persecution or conflict.

These are statistics that the world has never seen before. It is therefore, more relevant than ever to try and help these people who leave everything behind in the hope of finding safety and a better tomorrow. 

We have heard of many developed nations lending a helping hand to refugees. The US, Germany, Turkey are all leaders of accepting refugees. Japan refuses 99% of its applicants. It only accepted 28 out of 8193 people in 2016. Even South Korea, a country known to be fairly closed off, has accepted more refugees than Japan. 

Japan is a developed nation. It is safe, it is clean, it is advanced. Japan even has a declining work force, with so many of the population being elderly. It could benefit from more people working and more children to shape the future. What is even more puzzling is, Japan is the one of the only, if not the only Asian country to have joined the UNHCR resettlement program, and is also the second largest donor to the UNHCR after the US.

I am a Japanese citizen myself, and I simply do not understand why Japan doesn't accept refugees. When I recently found out about the strict laws regarding refugees in my country, I was confused. With its declining birth rate, with 27.7% of the population being elderly in September 2017 (elderly: 65 and above), and simply because I think that we should be more open in accepting refugees as they are human just like us, I believe that Japan should be less strict and more inviting in terms of letting in refugees. 

Thank you for reading. I hope you will join me in my petition for japan to accept more refugees, as it could save millions of lives. 

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