Reduction of Topic Portion and Weightage of Juniors Exams 2021

Reduction of Topic Portion and Weightage of Juniors Exams 2021

May 4, 2021
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-First of all we do believe that they are able to calculate all our grades without the need of exams as we do two unit tests and two quizzes per subject in each term plus the never ending assignments and our IA drafts, so they can easily redistribute the weightage based on that.

-These exams will not test our knowledge but will test our memorizing skills as the pop quizzes they give us and our assignments are what tests our knowledge, since they question us on what we just learned, hence measuring our understanding, but an exam won’t do that, as all we are going to do is read off the book and memorize everything. 

-Exams are no good for us students as all they cause is stress and anxiety. the global pandemic had given each students a negative impact on their life as it is, it is already extremely depressing waking up every morning and going to school on your laptop, let alone the stress of studying to end up doing a test online which is even more stressful than an actual test, as looking up the ceiling or sneezing on the side can cause your papers to be disqualified.

- motivation levels are already very low due to the fact that we have almost completed a whole year worth of online school and barely seeing our friends and any people outside our personal circle 

- it will be very hard for us students AND teacher because we have already been drained of energy for so long and it’ll only affect our mental health even more 

- students have done enough assessments, assignments, started IAs early, extracurricular projects, extra quizzes to give us a final grade by the teachers 

- with the above point being said, there’s no sense in keeping a 40% weightage upon our exams. Besides the fact that it is a lot more pressure on the students to study and do an online exam, there are so many other resources that teachers can use to determine our grades. if the exams were to continue, reducing the weightage is the most sensible option 

- a 40% weightage also takes a toll on student’s mental health and will probably affect them longer than one might realize (like affecting their relaxation and enjoyment of their summer holiday) 

- we are aware that many sites and procedures are to be taken to ensure the validity of student’s answers and the honesty of the students, however so many students simply feel uncomfortable and uneasy opening cameras due to anxiety. further protocols would call for a breach of privacy and invalidating one’s personal space. 

- many students tend to move during exams if they were to be physical (eg: stretching, looking around), online exams would require students to be under strict monitoring and would not be able to move for at least 2 hours. which can cause a large number of health issues 

- the content that has been covered throughout the years are long and dense. juniors have been taking end of *term* exams all their lives, it is insensible and unfair of them to now take their first set of exams for the first time after over a year and then have it come with such a larger portion. 

- other schools have been taking end of term exams


- subjects like math and biology are very hard to cope with online, let alone have an exam to carry all on your own

- this past year has been a very hard year for communication. it is already a long procedure to contact a teacher (not during weekends, until teacher answers, until students replies etc) , so students are left all on their own to carry themselves to simply pass

- many students were not aware of the fact that exams will carry on, thus this decision has already created chaos and anxiety and stress 

- students have deadlines up until the next 3 weeks (as of now), having exams right after is too much weight for a student to carry 

- topic portion needs to be halved or turned into end of term topics as these are the topics that will actually test our knowledge 

- topics can consist of the ones we have not been properly tested for and not the ones we have already taken multiple quizzes, assignments, tests on 

- students trust the teachers judgement to set grades for their students as so many students have attended all their classes and have kept up a great participation streak


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Signatures: 344Next Goal: 500
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