Oman Air customers demand refund of canceled flights due to Covid-19

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With the outbreak of Covid-19, all airlines for various reansons, had to cancel numerous flights. Major international airlines have started refunding their affected customers since then. Even if the refunding has to be processed manually, most airlines maintain information und frequent updates for their customers.

Oman Air, instead, has decided to almost completely freeze their customer services across all countries when it comes to refund claims. Emails, postal mail, phone, social media, all channels remain unanswered to almost 100%. 

Furthermore, and most shocking for all travellers affected by canceled flights, Oman Air has stated to proceed with refund claims individually but not earlier than 12 months after the date of an initial flight booking. 

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Sultanate Oman, according to a recent online article, has asked Oman Air to settle open claims by latest November 2020. Various governments, e.g. the European Union, have underlined the neccessity to refund canceld flights besides coupon options.

It is broadly expected that Oman Air will not follow these instructions and keep back repayments. With this petition we want to collectively increase the preassure on Oman Air, speeding up their refunding process and bring this issue to a broader public audience.