Justice, Peace and Safety in Bangladesh and all over the world!

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Dear people,

We live in a world where there is a lack of justice, action, and compassion to change and stand up to do whats right. Due to that lack of compassion people like murderers, rapists and people who don't believe in equality are empowered to keep raping and murdering and what do we do we see it in the news and do nothing its time for that to change it's time for us to take the first step into creating the bigger picture its time to fall in love with the concept of creating a peaceful and safe world. I want to start off with one country, the current situation in Bangladesh is horrific and its hard to witness for any of us, so let's take action and start believing that we are the beginning of a huge difference that will be made eventually. We're one race, we are blessed with the ability to make a change yet we do nothing and change doesn't cost a penny. You simply have to be the change you want to make.

With high hopes of Justice,