Release Journalists Detained in Egypt

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Systematic stifling of dissenting voices and ruthless attack on the autonomy of professional journalists by dictatorial regimes such as that of Elsisi will only stop when common citizens among us will stand for their rights.Attack on free media needs to stop

"Mahmoud Hussein was arrested when he arrived in Cairo to visit his family. He was first held at the airport for 15 hours, then taken to his house in handcuffs and humiliated before his family. Two of Hussein's brothers were also detained. Together these three were taken to an unknown location. Egypt accuses Hussein of 'incitement against state institutions and broadcasting false news with the aim of causing chaos and using several residences to avoid security monitoring in light of Al Jazeera's unauthorised work'. Al Jazeera categorically denies the charges and demands immediate release. According to Al jazeera, Egyptian authorities have arrested 7 Al jazeera employs since 2013. Two journalists were sentenced to death, and 7 jailed in absentia. Also, Egypt is currently the third worst jailer of journalists after China and Turkey. 23 journalists are currently being detained"-- Information source-- Al Jazeera (English)


*This petition is only a small case/part/initiative of a wider movement to defend free media.