Free Mahmoud Hussein

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You're a reporter. You have a microphone in your hand in the street and the police come and arrest you. You think

"That's ok. I have done nothing wrong. I'll be free in a few hours."

Over 1300 days later you are still in prison.  No-one has even bothered to charge you.  Does anyone care whether you live or die in an Egyptian prison? 

Well, that is what is happening to Mahmoud Hussein, an Al Jazeera journalist .

If this was you, how should we help you?

The power of many annoying people might just save him.  

Write to those in power who can free him and spread the word so that they are inundated with pesky mail.  Paper, better than internet.  It is not so easy to delete letters.  

Imagine!  He is free because you wrote a letter asking for his freedom.  You were the one that finally persuaded those in power that they were sick of all that mail.  

Whatever.  If you do write, you will have worked to make the world a better place.

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