Call for immediate investigation into the disappearance of 400 people!

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With this petition as an addition to a draft letter to Embassies involved relevant organisations we demand on inquiry into the disappearance about this 400 people! If we have a respectable number of signatures on this petition we can reach out to the responsible authorities and give a voice to this helpless people!



The war of July to August 2014 pushed many Gazans to flee for safety. Women, men, and children have taken the perilous road to Europe, of which Egypt is the first step. On the 6th of september 2014 around 11pm a ship with hundreds of people disappeared after its departure from Alexandria port in Egypt. A list of 400 names of asylum seekers who have disappeared and may be locked away in the Al-Azuli prison was published. On board were Egyptians (260), Syrians (120), Palestinians (200), Sudanese and people from the Comoros Islands that were on their way to find refuge and a life without danger of death in Europe.The vessel was named the Haji Mohamed Saad and was headed toward the Italian island of Lampedusa. For three days the boat travelled, after which all connection and whereabouts was lost. At the time, Palestinian families mobilized and demanded accounts from the Egyptian government, which remained a dead letter.

All signs vanished and the relatives of the passengers assumed that their friends and family members died. The ship wrack or any dead bodies have officially never been found and there was for longer than 6 years simply no answer. 

A few days ago, photos from inside an egyptian prison appeared in the media and some of the people could be identified as passengers from the Haji Mohamed Saad being held in this egyptian prison Al-Azuli. People were asking authorities for evidence and of course wanted to know about their missing beloved. These requests have never been answered. Now that these pictures appeared, there are many more questions!

These people may stuck in prison longer than 6 years! Relatives dont know if their people are alive or dead. Now its late but its the time to answer this questions which havent been answered for many years!


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