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Help me by joining the good fight to bring Guardian Retriever to the homes of the millions of families that have been demanding it. The show that temporarily entertained families every Thursday night, is now sitting in the Disney vault, never to be seen again… unless you speak up! Disney refuses to release Guardian Retriever because it will have to pay the stars of the show royalties. If we get enough signatures, Disney can’t continue to ignore this loud fan base. And here’s Mel Greenwood’s promise to you: If we get Disney to cave, I’ll throw a Guardian Retriever DVD / Blu-ray release party and all who signed the petition will be invited! Pizza and soda will be provided and you’ll get autographed pictures and DVDs (after purchase) with me and other stars from the show! Even get your picture taken with the Guardian Retriever himself, Gordon the dog*!

*Not the actual Gordon the Dog – Gordon the Dog was sadly euthanized in 1994. This will be a celebrity dog impersonator.


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I just signed the following petition addressed to: ABC/Disney.

Release Guardian Retriever on DVD

"Guardian Retriever" was one of the most profilic and amazing shows of the late 80s and early 90s. The fact that it does not have a major DVD release is a travesty. This petition entails that the people want a DVD release. It's long overdue, and everyone deserves to be able to buy this marvelous show.