We Demand Disney ABC's Chairman President Ben Sherwood To Cancel The View

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The View is still spewing hate on both sides REGARDLESS OF POLITICAL PARTIES and is still setting a bad bad example for the next generation! Who in their right mind wants to watch a show of middle aged women bicker nag and argue over each other 5 days a week is enough to make you want to lose YOUR mind!  What once was a decent and enjoyable show now has lost its touch with reality and is now a hedious chat fest from The bowels of the abyss! Cancel this horror of a show AND put on something decent and entertaining in its place. Enough of the B.S. already. Its time to cut this shows losses and spare us the agony of � Nausea! 

So please ask of you Mr. Sherwood to please end this show permanently put it to rest. You can't fix a sinking ship that already sank years ago. Please cancel this farce of a show AND put our soaps AMC and OLTL back on. Fix your networks ratings and maybe you'll gain more viewers and win your old ones back .