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Bring back The Adventures Of Lano & Woodley

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Australian audiences were robbed of one of TV’s greatest shows after (only) 2 brilliant seasons. It’s a travesty. It’s a mystery.  A mystery rivalled only by mystery’s such as the Bermuda Triangle, Roswell and is Dean on Married At First Sight an actor (and why do people care?!?!)

At the time of the shows demise, it was announced that it wasn’t considered “topical enough”. WTF?!  Never mind that it was pee your pants funny and loved by many. The success of the Lano & Woodley reunion tour - Fly - shows that they remain as popular as ever and with copious amounts of crap on tv ala a)  “reality love match in my backyard outdoor kitchen renovation” shows, and b) in the form of remakes we don’t need, why shouldn’t another generation get to experience the genius that is Col and Franky Wanky?!?!

In the words of The Age newspaper:

"The two seasons of Colin Lane Official Page and Frank Woodley’s sitcom series were absolute gems of physical comedy, sight gags and punnery.”

Good ole fashioned fun and buffoonery from 2 of Australia’s - nay, the world’s - finest comedians. And if Full House can get a reboot, then IVE GOT A FEELING, GOT A BIT OF AN INKLING, that surely Aussie icons like Lano & Woodley can!  

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