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After 40 some years ABC cancels two legendary soaps operas for a worthless cooking show...many soap fans are upset for ABC's doings...and won't give up on OLTL or AMC...but fans, not just soap fans...want The Chew off their tv screens because...The show SUCKS!!...people tune into soaps, because the characters and the actors are like family...we fans are tired of reality's just getting tired and old...Please cancel "The Spew" aka "The Chew"...

Letter to
I just signed the following petition addressed to: The New Food Talk Show "The Chew".
so it will get cancelled...

soap fans are very upset that ABC replaced the soap with a food show that will fail...and we as soap fans have the power to shut down "The Chew" for good and this is what this petition is get "The Chew" cancelled.


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