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Please Bring Back "The Catch" Season 3

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The daring TV show that took the viewers on a journey. You not only fall in love with the characters, you fall in love with the way the camera angles their face in a certain way you would understand as if they were really in front of you. You really feel their strong expression of love and hate and lust of all things. If your just now reading this and have not watched the TV show. let me introduce to you, your new addiction from season 1-2. Lady falls for a mysterious man, who winds up being the man she has been chasing after for some coming after her clients, oh and he is not who she thinks he is t all and just how much he changed her world for the better. I wont tell you anymore as words don't justify how amazing this show is. Every week I looked forward to coming home from my terrible job and relax on my lunch break watching this. The show is full of fun and romance and enough action to keep you on your toes in the show. Have I mention how great the chemistry is between Ben and Alice? I mean the show revolves around passion not just them. you feel it among more characters that get involved together. I wont spoil too much now but there is a spicy number with a certain Kensington firm sister and agent and its inferno, its madly hot and just so romantic at the same time. Rhys was just phenomenal with his character, he couldn't have played any character more, that was made for him and him only, I mean don't get me started on the sense of humor I mean its unreal how great the cast flows together with their witty comebacks, I find myself rewinding the scene sometimes and just laughing at how hilarious that scene was. Also to add on, the one thing I really enjoyed when this show started was the soundtrack, my goodness I was practically adding every song to my Spotify playlist I mean they conveyed the scene so much that also enhanced a lot of the scenes just right. So thank you to everyone who helped build this show to where it was, the change drop scenery, the soundtracks and the passion you guys showed us, amazing work and it deserves to be acknowledged more. I really have been fond of this show since day 1 and the moment I googled it was not renewed today, I knew I had to do something. This is my first time making a petition for a show, I may be silly but this show has so much potential and I really believe this show should be funded and ran through for season three, third time is a charm right? ABC please give this show another consideration. I'm hoping you and anyone reads this and maybe some one else out there believes this show like I do. I strongly want this show to come back and I cannot be the only one. LETS SHOW ABC HOW MUCH WE LOVED THIS SHOW! BRING BACK THE CATCH FOR SEASON 3!

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