Once Upon A Time - Captain Swan Movie / Special

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As the name in the title says it, this is a petition for a Captain Swan movie / special with their happy beginnings.
I see many people wanting a movie, showing their happy life after their wedding. Such as maybe honeymoon, Emma finding out about her pregnancy with Hope, happily telling Killian (we never saw it), see Hope's birth with Killian by her side, happy parenting time.

After everything they went through, esp. Emma with her first pregnancy in jail, it would be a great message to see a happy one. Also Killian and Emma welcoming their new baby into the world. Even a little montage would make a big difference and give me and many others some kind of closure. Because they deserve a better send off. They deserve a worthy special. The numbers of the latest Captain Swan posts on the official Instagram and Twitter account of Onceabc and their ongoing mention in press and media shows how loved and wanted they still are. They even were mentioned in another TV show in a fanfiction lately.

The actors are up for it if their schedules allows it. But it's up to ABC to get it all started. Sign this petition if you also would love a little movie or special about their happy beginnings. Operation Happy Beginnings has started!

Your help in this is needed and very appreciated.