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Cancel Castle Season 9, Cancel Sexism in Hollywood

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If there is a season 9, there is no Saving Beckett or a Caskett happy ending. It's game over. There will be NO "Always", because Stana plays “Beckett” she's the “kett” in “Caskett” which is the essence of “Castle”. We can’t let them ruin Andrew W. Marlowe’s & Terri Edda Miller’s extraordinary show for “budgetary reasons.” That is why we want to #CancelCastle. ABC will make the final decision if Castle will have a season 9 minus Beckett, and Caskett by May 13. Take a stand swiftly by signing this petition & passing it along!

In today’s environment, as a female professional, it is incredibly disconcerting that two women, Stana Katic and Tamala Jones, were fired for budgetary cuts. Meanwhile Nathan Fillion, Seamus Dever, & Jon Huertas (all men) now have contracts for S9.

In February, Channing Dungey was named entertainment president at ABC. The FIRST female president of one of the most powerful companies in the country. That seemed like a step in the right direction for women in the workplace. But as of last week, two women were fired from a show they had been on for EIGHT seasons.

Stana Katic and Tamala Jones were “expendable." When you have a female president of a company sending the message that two women were fired from a show for budgetary reasons, you ARE sending the message that women are expendable in the workplace.

Where is the outrage?

It is time for the voice of women to start sounding like the population they represent. Send a message to Channing Dungey, ABC, and their advertisers that it is the year 2016, not 1919. Women will not stand for such disparate treatment of females in the workplace. Sign this petition for women all over the world who don’t have a voice once they’ve been fired for “budgetary reasons.”

Lets take a stand against ABC & anyone who thinks women are expendable!

If you agree, sign the petition and share! Thank you!

You can read the full letter here: https://www.buzzfeed.com/ktrain11/beckettless-castle-a-tale-of-expendable-women-in-2bnyd

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