Bring Back Prank Patrol to Australian TV #BringBackPrankPatrol

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Just over 5 years ago in 2013, one of the most iconic shows ever to be shown on Australian Television, Prank Patrol, was cancelled. Today, 10's of thousands of Aussie teens still mourn that terrible day, but, for the first time in 5 years, there is hope.

I am proposing this petition to the ABC, the Government, and the legendary Scott Tweedie to bring back new episodes of Prank Patrol to Australian TV.

ABC ME, as it's known today, is fighting for survival, and it only has an audience share of 0.7%, for the whole of television. That is in fact is one of the LOWEST audience shares on television other than NITV, while ABC3 was a lot higher 5 years ago, especially when it had Prank Patrol. 

Prank Patrol, which was incredibly high on ratings, was one of the highest rating shows on the channel, usually getting over 120,000 viewers each episode, when not a single show on ABC ME can reach the 100,000 viewer mark today! 

To everyone reading this petition, I tell you today that ABC ME needs to BRING BACK Prank Patrol. The ratings would be enormous for the ABC, as mentioned above, while the show would have a relatively low budget. Tens of thousands of Aussie kids and teens would watch it. If you would watch it, sign this petition. 

Together, we can tell the ABC what WE want. If you liked Prank Patrol, and if you loved the incredibly good-looking and iconic man named Scott Tweedie, please sign this petition. I tell you now, please share it. Share it to everyone you know, your family and friends, so this can happen! Thankyou.

USE THE HASTAG #BringBackPrankPatrol