Loving on DVD

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There had been no signs of a DVD release of the ABC Daytime classic soap opera Loving lately since its long run from 1983-1995. If there were a possible release, some fans would enjoy the drama and suspense of the show like they'd never seen before back then. And at that point, the show might’ve been forgotten decades later due to other soap operas on networks making high ratings and this one can’t be, not today, not now.

Please help ask ABC to release Loving on collectible DVD season sets and add some features that would involve some of the cast & crew for interviews and stuff. It was a half-hour show to be exact and this year marks its 35th anniversary of the show’s debut around the summer with its two-hour premiere movie and that’s why I start this petition. If you don’t understand, follow this link.


This classic soap opera must be released on DVD and Loving can't be forgotten in the next 35 years even so.

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