Keep Rosanne Reboot on the Air!

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While we do not condone the tweet of Roseanne Barr, there are more people affected by the show's cancellation that just her.  There are many of us that grew up enjoying the show and were excited to see it come back.  There are many other people who have jobs because of the show and not only do they lose their jobs, but we lose a show that we enjoy. The television show is for entertainment. Why must a source of entertainment be cancelled because one member of its cast makes an insensitive and racist statement? If you do not like what she said, then let the public know you do not condone the statement.  Is there no other way to deal with this issue than to punish us who enjoy the show?  People make mistakes. How about giving her the opportunity to make amends?   Please consider a different way to deal with this issue than cancelling a show that millions enjoy. 

Thank you for your time.