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Help Jesse Williams keep his job!!

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So there are some Grey's Anatomy fans and people who have started a petition (several actually) to have Jesse Williams fired for his "racist and hateful" comments. I don't believe anything he said was hateful nor racist. He was speaking about what he himself believes and what other people feel about the status of this country we live in. A place where most people would rather make the focus of "black lives matter" that it didn't mentioned any other life. Why did it need to when the focus IS that black lives don't seem to matter as much as ALL the others! THIS is the reason we are going to be at a stand still in this country and never really have equality. Why is it every other race, gender, sexuality, etc. can have support of EVERYONE but black lives lose support? What Mr. Williams was saying is that BLACK PEOPLE, citizens of this country we call America, should be able to live as freely as any other race, PERIOD. Are you supporters of getting him fired saying we DON'T deserve that right? If you are not for the solution you are a part of the problem agreed? What the supporters of the opposing petition are seemingly making publicly known is that they are not willing to be a part of the solution in this country. Prove your own argument......that ALL lives matter by allowing Jesse to exercise his constitutional right to freedom of speech. The subject in which Mr. Williams and countless others speak of requires people who are willing to listen to understand not ones who are always waiting to respond. ABC, are you willing to use your platform to be a part of the solution or remain a part of the problem? Be a part of this solution by signing this petition! #supportingjesse #makingastand

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