Get the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) to Broadcast the Eurovision Song Contest

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The Eurovision Song Contest is an event where countries from all over Europe and some parts of Asia compete with a song from their country that celebrates diversity while at the same time unity of the participating nations. 43 countries gather once a year to share their songs and their cultures and the contest accumulates 200 million yearly viewers. The contest is a huge deal in Europe and has been running for over 60 years. The United States is not very involved in it as it is, but there is a fanbase for the contest in the United States, Europe, Australia, and all around the world. Currently LogoTV broadcasts the contest but they are not being a good broadcaster for those that are interested. In 2016 the contest wasn’t even on the television program, only the final was broadcasted, and all of the live performances on YouTube were blocked and claimed by LogoTV. With a fanbase of thousands, this is NOT a good move. The American fans end up with a low quality broadcast and dissatisfaction. We all want a change, this is why we would like to call upon you, ABC. We want a broadcaster who will interact with us, let us view performances, and expand the viewership of the contest in North America. Being an EBU associate already as well as a dominant American broadcaster, ABC is our visionary choice of a broadcaster. Broadcasting this contest has many benefits. It opens the American audience, obviously not too informed about world culture, up to a whole new world of countries, cultures, and musical styles to be interested in. This broadcast is not at primetime either, it is around 3:00P.M. EST, so it shouldn’t interfere with other important broadcasts. We know how much the American audience loves song contests, and being able to get in touch and support some of their native countries could be ideal to some. In the end, we are a strong group of fans that want to share our passion with our fellows as well as open up the USA to a whole new part of the world many have not discovered and show them some good music. Thank you for your consideration.

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