Get Sean Spicer off Dancing With The Stars...

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As the millions of viewers who watch Dancing With The Stars see each week, the show is an amazing showcase for both professional dancers and the stars who compete each season. 
This season, ABC has changed things up and is allowing America to control more of the voting process while still allowing the judges to critique and have a say. However, this new change is ruining the show that has been entertaining viewers for years. 
Sean Spicer is a competitor this season, and is lacking in skills and ability to say the least. Week after week, Sean continues to be safe while receiving the lowest vote total. The other competitors are thriving and growing each week while Sean continues to struggle. However, each week, we are losing a great star and professional dancer to Sean Spicer. 
It’s becoming a running gag on the show that Sean Spicer hasn’t been keeping up with the competition, with the judges making joke after joke about Sean still being on the show. This is where the issues arise. 
If the judges are judging fairly, he doesn’t deserve the scores he’s been receiving. Comparing him to the other stars and their dancing isn’t fair...he isn’t even in the same league. Week after week, the judges are mad and surprised at the results, but how can they be mad when they aren’t scoring him appropriately? It’s not fair to the professionals or the other stars for someone to stay on the show who can barely even two-step, let alone samba or cha-cha. 
It’s time for ABC and DWTS to recognize that the new voting system is unfair and that the show is no longer showcasing and championing dance. We need to get back to dancing and scoring appropriately and truly allowing those who are succeeding and growing to stay. 

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