Fire Meghan McCain from The View

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Meghan McCain makes the show The View unwatchable. She's what is known as a bad actor . She's unwilling to have her mind changed, as was witnessed when she couldn't, or more aptly wouldn't, concede the point that legacy admissions are completely different than having a family legacy at a particular school. But privilege like hers, shelters her from the ability to think she can ever be wrong. She needs to go. I have stopped watching this show since she amped up her disrespect of Sunny and Joy. She is the human equivalent of nails on a chalkboard. I will only watch internet clips about the show and fast forward through MeMeMe MeAgain McCain. She makes everything about her. Replace her with the much funnier, and much smarter Ana and Tara. If Ana wants to go back to Miami a few days a week, let Tara come in for her, or have Tara every day, and add Ana twice a week. They are both reasonable and intelligent conservatives, whom I disagree with politically but, as human beings, their great, and I believe they act in good faith, as opposed to McCain. Please cancel the contract with MeMeMe MeMeAgain McCain or don't renew her contract. I will miss her as much as Raven Simone. Which is to say, not at all . Why can't you hire smart conservatives and/or Republicans. Even Hasselback wasn't this ignorant, and at least she had a sense of humour as opposed to a sense of entitlement .