Objection to the proposed plans for a housing development adjacent to Gosford Castle

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Planning Website Objection

Hi Everyone,

Planning experts have made known to me that the most effective way  to object is to make a formal objection on the planning website. This is very simple to do and takes less than 5 minutes. You might like to consider the points below in stating your own objection.

Please formally object here.

  • The proposed plans would damage the forest landscape and change the whole nature, beauty and ethos of Gosford Forest Park. 
  • Our public forests and natural environments are spaces which should be protected.
  • Gosford Castle is a Grade A listed building of immense historical and architectural importance. To place a  housing estate directly next to it would detract from that and the character of the surrounding area.
  • Whilst the castle has been recently redeveloped, this conserved a unique historic building from a deteriorating state and does not licence further residential development within the area.


Joanna Singleton
4 months ago