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Children as Young as 6 are Being Trafficked for Violence

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When the crack epidemic became a problem we agreed with the government to criminalized drug users instead of provide medical help. Now that many others  are addicted to heroin, the government is so understanding they are providing emotional and medical help and funding treatment centers. Today we literally have the wholesale TRAFFICKING FOR VIOLENCE of young children as young as 6 years old. For some reason. we want to believe 6 year olds are actually planning and committing heinous crimes. If this is true, we as adults have completely failed our children. We have to ask ourselves, are we, as a people willing  to believe  the narrative that children as young as 6 are capable of violent crimes without coercion of adults? Collectively, we as a people must demand better for all our children no matter what we think of their parents.
It's all in what you want to believe. I want to see Black children as innocent victims of a community that is ignoring the fact that children are coerced and forced into violence by older teens who have themselves been co-opted and solicited to create heinous acts out of fear for their lives. If the truth is told, many children have died on these battlefields because THEY WOULD NOT join the local gangs or commit crimes against the community. Let's honor their memories as we stand up for children as young as 5 years old who cannot defend themselves against adult TRAFFICKTORS Of VIOLENCE in their communities.

If we truly want to stop producing the shooters in our community, we must have a paradigm shift about how we view children living in poverty and violent communities. We need to stop asking the question, "Where are their parents" because we know that their parents in most cases have been co-opted and corrupted years ago that the children are going through today.. We must tell our own stories and define our own children. We can no longer allow anyone  whose sole intent is to demonize children for multi-faceted purposes that do not benefit our underserved community. We must demand that our youth are given the same compassion and support that all children are provided. Only we as a community can do that. After all, this is nothing more than children being TRAFFICKED FOR VIOLENCE just like children are being trafficked for SEX ALL OVER THE WORLD.

Please sign this petition and contact your legislators to create legislation to protect children from being Trafficked for Violence!


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