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ABC Broadcasting Company to terminate showing "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and establishing a policy to prevent hate speech and the promotion of violence in other broadcasting


We petition to express our disapproval and distaste with the October 16, 2013 “Kids Table” segment of the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show in which he discussed the recent federal government shutdown with four children. During the segment, one child declared that a way of solving the United States’ debt obligation to China was to “kill all the Chinese.” The promotion of hate speech and violence is unacceptable on network television.

As the adult at the table, we expected Mr. Kimmel to take the opportunity to show that violence and hate speech against anybody, not just the Chinese, is never a joke or acceptable for a comedy sketch. His response to the child was irresponsible, unnecessary, and unacceptable when he responded, “That’s an interesting idea. Should we allow the Chinese to live?” Mr. Kimmel’s inaction during the segment of the show and ABC Network’s decision to not edit out this segment for being inappropriate makes both parties responsible. By condoning this segement of Jimmy Kimmel Live" ABC is accountable for teaching our children that killing others is acceptable. 

I am calling upon ABC Network to take responsibility for the inappropriate comedy sketch by terminating the show and developing a policy to prevent similar instances in the future. As one of the biggest networks in the nation, it is important for ABC be socially responsible and hire individuals that will responsibly represent their network.

Letter to
President - Disney-ABC Television Group Anne Sweeney
Senior Vice President of Communications Zenia Mucha
I am requesting the ABC Broadcasting Company to terminate the "Jimmy Kimmel Live Show" and to develop a policy to prevent the airing of hate speech and the promotion of violence in other broadcasted shows.

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