Save Roseanne on ABC!!!!!

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I understand some people may have been offended by Roseanne Barr’s comment. However what type of message does this send to our fellow Americans? Does this mean that now we as American’s have lost our Constitutional Rights? One of the greatest things about our country is our right to “Free Speech”....whether anyone else agrees with our opinions or not. It’s no different than a friendly debate over which political party you think is better suited to represent the American People. We all need to remember it’s okay to agree and disagree with each other’s opinions. However when we start suppressing each other’s ability to say what’s on our minds as allowed by our Constitution then what other Constitutional rights will we lose next. I have seen and heard far worse on night time television. So much so that I was in shock and awe that it could even been aired on television in the first place knowing the hours these shows were airing were still within what is considered “family viewing time frame”. I think this act by the network and some of the others who have recently canceled shows because someone is “offended” by the topic or views of the actors or storylines are just ridiculous. It seems now going forward everyone believes we as Americans need to approach everything with “kid gloves” so not to offend anyone else. In my opinion I think many many people out there need to grow up, get a thicker skin and agree to disagree so we can continue to enjoy ALL of our freedoms many men and women whom have fought and died for have so gratiously allowed all of us to have and maintain. After all didn’t we just celebrate Memorial Day? For those who have forgotten those are the people who are responsible for our fellow Americans to enjoy the Constitutional rights we have been able to keep thus far.

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