Bring Wendy Riche back to General Hospital

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Steadily falling since Riche's exit in 2001, the former number one soap, General Hospital, is currently in last place in the ratings and was virtually snubbed at the 2018 Daytime Emmy Awards.

Problems since 2001 have included disrespecting veteran actors, ignoring or changing the show's history, centering violent criminals, writing formerly decent, even heroic characters in unflattering ways, and hiring popular actors from other shows rather than hiring (or keeping) those who played favorite GH characters.

In 2018, as ratings have continued to slide, the current regime has seemingly doubled down on this terrible trajectory by taking it's most recognizable lead actress off contract and rewriting the history of another iconic female character to make her into the rapist of a man who we saw stalk her for decades.

While the current regime would like to think that we are just "bots," or that our opinions do not count because we discuss the show on Twitter instead of the beauty shop, we, the longtime fans of General Hospital, would like ABC Daytime to know that we want to see REAL change that will restore this show to its former glory.

That's why we, the undersigned, request the return of Wendy Riche as Executive Producer of General Hospital.