ABC Board to sack Muslim activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied or sack the Board Prime Minister.

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If the Managing Director and the ABC board continue to support Yassmin Abdel-Magied’s employment as a programme presenter then the Prime Minister should publicly condemn the Board for undermining the Australian constitution through indirect promotion of Sharia religious law.   

Yassmin Abdel-Magied, an ABC Muslim television and radio presenter, used the ABC program QandA in feb as a platform to defend Islamic Sharia and Islam as “the most feminist religion”. Her comments sparked considerable public condemnation and she later sought guidance from the leader of the radical Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir’s Wassim Doureihi-on facebook first-then privately asking  -“what specifically was problematic and how can I do better in the future. inshallah? I am young and willing to learn, inshallah. Trying to do the best with the PLATFORM I can, Allah willing.”  

Hizb-ut Tahrir openly posted on its website in 2014 a draft Islamic Constitution of Australia for their proposed Islamic State and claimed on its release that it would take 25 years before Australia will be under Islamic rule.  Article 1 of the substitute constitution states that – “Nothing is permitted to exist in the government’s structure, accountability, or any other aspect connected with the government, that does not take the creed as its source.”    

Former Prime Minister Toni Abbott in 2014 was quoted on ABC News saying "Hizb ut-Tahrir is an organisation with an ideology which justifies terrorism and that's why I say it's un-Australian. We are changing the law that will make it easier to ban organisations like Hizb ut-Tahir” 

Clearly, the ABC’s Managing Director Michelle Guthrie and its Board have a public duty to immediately terminate the employment of Yassmin Abdel-Magied given that their high profile host associate's with and is mentored by the leader of a radical Muslim organisation that Mr Abbott wanted prescribed as a terrorist organisation when he was Prime Minister.  

We remind the current Prime Minister of his previous comment concerning the ABC Board. “Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said the Managing Director is answerable to the ABC board, but the problem is that the board does not seem to be answerable to anyone else.”