It’s #ourABC, our future - don’t close us out. Publish your secret plans for cuts.

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Less than 24 hours left to tell the ABC Board: Don't gut our public broadcaster behind closed doors

Thanks very much for your support of ABC on-air and production staff - we need one more big push from you! The ABC Board meets tomorrow at 9.30am to discuss the upcoming cuts. We urge you to take a moment this afternoon to share the open letter with your friends and family across your social networks so we can show that the ABC has as much public support as possible. The open letter will be delivered alongside a Friends Of The ABC petition signed by over 3,000 people, at 9.30am on Wednesday October 1. ABC program makers are ready, willing and able to play a constructive role in shaping the ABC’s future, and believe all Australians deserve an independent, strong ABC. We cannot let the future of our ABC be decided behind closed doors.

ABC House Committee
7 years ago