Petition Update

ABC Response Inadequate; Decisive Action is Needed

Charlottesville Residents and Student Petitioners

Jul 7, 2013 — The ABC recently announced a change to their operational procedures in response to this incident. The agency's statement contained no apology, nor did it discuss discipline of the officers involved.

The organizers of this petition applaud the ABC for acknowledging the need for organizational change. The change made, however, does not come close to addressing our concerns.

That evening, an officer drew his weapon on confused and panicked students (a fact confirmed by a bystander's 911 call) - what systemic failures led to such an inappropriate, dangerous action? ABC chose to charge Ms. Daly with several felonies, our Commonwealth's most serious category of crimes. What does such a decision say about the mission and culture of the Virginia ABC?

The Virginia public deserves answers to these questions. In the absence of an appropriate ABC response, we call on Governor McDonnell to take decisive action. Our elected officials should have zero tolerance for dysfunctional state agencies.