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Support Jesse Williams & his constant dedication to equal rights

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I was shocked when I first learned that people took anything negative from Jesse Williams beautiful speech and seem to think that he hasn't been dedicated to justice for all Americans for the last 13 years of his life. I was even more surprised to see a petition asking for his removal from Grey's Anatomy. 

I thought it would be a great idea to show ABC and Shonda Rhimes that we support Jesse Williams and his dedication to justice as a way to counterbalance the people who intend to Boycott the show. We support you Shonda and we LOVE that you hire people of such solid amazing caliber as Jesse. I am so happy that both Shonda Rhimes and other cast members have supported him. 

We as fans want to show our support too. 

Jessie has tirelessly continued to work in benefitting the black community. 

First in Philadelphia after Graduating from Temple University and he picked one of the most selfless jobs, being a teacher, where he worked in the Public School system in Philadelphia teaching African Studies and English to youth.

Even once he auditioned for the NYC actors showcase in 2005 and got in, he maintained his connection to the youth of America and worked as an Educator there while pursuing acting.

After many smaller tv spots he was cast on Greys Anatomy in 2009 and he started his own Production company in 2012. A company devoted to education, literature, transmedia, tv and film. He used his platform to create Question Bridge: Black Males a media\art exhibition and a great teaching tool to have young black men discuss things like Identity and Blackness in America. It's not too expensive and I think is a great tool for people working with young black youth in the US right now.

Jesse is the youngest member on the Board of Directors for The Advancement Project, a civil rights organization constantly working on many issues in the US. (Like Voter ID laws and Voter Supression)

I know it seems silly but he created the Ebroji app with his wonderful wife. A curated gif set that catalogs sayings and gifs that black people have made popular in our society.  

He executive produced a documentary about Black Lives Matter; Stay Woke:The Black Lives Matter Movement. He writes for CNN and HUffPost. He speaks on issues in the public constantly. He was IN Ferguson when people were being gassed by police. 

He is a freedom fighter and an asset to Hollywood. We as fans of him and his show need to defend him now that many supremacists are attacking him because he's using his platform to fight for the rights of people who can't fight for themselves. 

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