HS Students deserve Safety NOW

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On Thursday, May 17, 2017, my nephew, who is a Freshman at Taravella HS in Coral Springs, FL, as well as thousands of other students, went through a Code Red because of a gun threat. The word got out that a  student was going to shoot up other kids.

Sound familiar already? 

He and all the other students had to face the fear of wondering whether or not they will be shot, on this very day.

They had to stand and put their hands up, while staring at huge rifles in front of them, get padded down, and for many, just like my nephew, just sit quietly for three hours in full quiet. Or run in the hallways because they were told to just... RUN!

Friends, my nephew said to me, "I never thought this would happen to me. I only see this stuff on the news". Parents, we know all of our children are at risk, each and every one of them.  Any student can make a threat to bring a weapon to school, and what will stop them from using it? In one split second, the weapon could be drawn and take many lives.

It's time to demand that Metal detectors are present in our High Schools and Middle Schools, so that if a student wants to act on their threat, can finally be stopped.

Sandy Hook and all of the other countless tragedies are making so many of us numb...numb to thinking nothing will change, the laws won't change, so why bother anymore? As parents, let's face it, we all know that this isn't the cure all or end all for this problem.

But I can tell you this, if this student that caused such chaos was stopped at the front door on this very day, all of these students could have actually been at school for the reasons why they are at school... to interact, to grow, to learn, and most important, to have a place they can feel safe.

Will you please join the effort to demand that High Schools and Middle Schools have that little extra safety mechanism, that many hospitals and arenas and other locations have?

Metal detectors are not the only solution, but just another step to ensure that a students threats are THWARTED...in this very moment that you are reading...this.

Please, please pass this along.  Every second matters.

Thank you.

Renee Gutterman, Breya and Lacey's mom, and Logan's Aunt.



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