Vietnam Veterans Refused War Service Recognition.

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The Federal Government instructed an impartial Tribunal to investigate the onerous criteria for awarding the Vietnam Campaign Medal. The inquiry posted a negative recommendation to the government in June 2015. It did not recognise the special conditions that applied to the National Servicemen who were compulsory called-up, under the threat of jail for two years, sent them to a foreign country to fight oppression, were prepared to die and then sent them home again because their jobs were at stake. Just because these combat soldiers did not serve at least 181 days they are ineligible for the medallic award. These same men completed the workplace terms of their contract to the government and have since been ignored. In addition the government issued some 3,000 of these same medals in error and has no desire to recall them. Precedents are in place not to usurp a Vietnamese government that folded over 40 years ago. Please contact your local Federal member anywhere in Australia & ask them to lobby Hon Darren Chester and Hon Kevin Andrews. Tomorrow is Vietnam Veterans Day and wouldn't it be fantastic to hear a positive public announcement.