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Stop semi trucks from parking in middle of road

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Hey, first of all, I very much love and appreciate that the Abbotsford Police Department Officers put their lives at risk every day for the people in this town, it's very much appreciated. I do have to ask that they send an unmarked vehicle to the area of the Tim Hortons on Clearbrook road. I drive to and from that area four times a day with my kids in the car and I can't tell you how many close calls and accidents that I see there due to the semi trucks parking in the middle of the road to go to Tim Hortons. It is completely unsafe and horrible that they value their coffee more than other drivers lives. That's like me speeding because I'm late but I don't care about others on the road because I have somewhere to be, it's unacceptable and selfish. As a tax payer, a wife, a mother of two small children, a productive member of society, I ask that you send some cars there to either ticket or warn those truck drivers that they are making the roads unsafe. Please, before one of those accidents happens with me and my small children in the car, I'm begging you. I am NOT the only mother who brings their children to school here daily. Many people travel this road and are put in unsafe situations. Please sign this with the city that you reside in, thanks!

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