Abbott diabetes care need to acknowledge and investigate libre adhesive reactions!

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The freestyle libre was introduced some time ago to enable people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes to manually scan a sensor and check glucose levels.  It does this via a sensor that is stuck to your arm for 14 days.  Whilst this technology is both life changing and extremely helpful in the management of a patients diabetes, it has caused some issues for users of the system. These issues include rashes, sores, blisters,  itching, scarring etc.  These reactions (for most) are due to the adhesive on the back of the sensor. I myself have suffered these reactions,and have been forced to discontinue using the system,  due to them. And unfortunately, it is not uncommon. There is a facebook group called dexcom and libre rashes,  and on this group,  most of the posts are due to the libre. There is currently close to 5000 members. Abbott diabetes care (who make the sensors)  are refusing to acknowledge the issues.  And it seems that despite many people contacting them to make them aware of the reactions, they simply seem to ignore them as (in their words)  'they are a minority'. Why should this make these complaints any less important?!  If Abbott diabetes care are not willing to make any changes or investigate the issue,  then they should at least be making consumers fully aware that the adhesive could cause a reaction, by writing it on the instruction leaflet that comes with the sensor. The adhesive on the sensors,  contains an ingredient called colophonium. This is a tree resin taken from pine trees,  and is known to cause allergic reactions when in contact with the skin for long periods of time. It really makes no sense that this type of ingredient would be used on a device that is specifically made to be worn for 14 days. Diabetes can make healing from wounds/infections, a very long and dangerous process.  And yet after being told by many diabetics that they have been left with open wounds due to their product, Abbott diabetes care STILL don't want to take the issue seriously.  It's simply not good enough! 

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