METRO Shelter Endangering Lives in Southampton Place (77005)

METRO Shelter Endangering Lives in Southampton Place (77005)

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Started by Matthew Smith

I am starting this petition to address the danger being caused by the recent work Metro has begun doing on the Tangley block of Shepherd (here forth referred to as Location #1 and indicated on map).  The addition of Bus Shelters create a dangerous situation for every resident or citizen that lives by and drives on the stretch of Shepherd between Rice and Sunset. 

The work being done is part of Metro's Bus Shelter Program and is meant to improve the rider waiting experience for high use bus stops.  First thing first, I want to clarify this petition isn’t to argue the need or appearance of these bus shelters, but specifically bring attention to the safety nightmare it will create for residents and everyday drivers.  The argument against usage and appearance was already successfully made 10 months ago for a corner stop (Location #2) within 2 blocks of the new site (

Bus stop #5484( at Location #1) has been selected as the new site to add shelter to the bus stop and raises much more grave concerns than the previous location (Location #2).  It is indisputable that Location #1 actually serves less passengers than Location #2 and will suffer as much, if not more, of an environmental impact as there are 2 mature trees in closer proximity than the original Location #2. This alone should suffice to have the plan scrapped since it was the enough reasoning for Metro to abandon work 10 months prior at Location #2. 

Location #1 Issues :

a) The space being cleared at Location #1 is 28’ of sidewalk and includes a >16’ space for the structure (see image #1); obviously this is not going to be just a small shelter.  The extremely dangerous aspect of this location Metro has failed to take into consideration is that it is located within 35’ of a driveway and alley (see images #2 and #3 for refence).  These are put in much more danger than other intersections because they are not as easily seen as a traditional intersection that has a stop sign or stop light.  This shelter will serve as a constant obstruction blocking views of the oncoming traffic from anyone who would use the alley or driveway.  This is literally the ONLY block from Rice Blvd to 59 where a bus shelter would be located within immediate proximity on the southside of a street or alley (which blocks view of the one-way northbound Shepherd traffic) and without a stoplight within hundreds of feet.  This alone makes it the worst possible location for this platform to be placed.  Images #4 and #5 highlight this difference between location #1 (image #4) and location #2 (image #5).

b) It can be easily assumed that this stretch of Shepherd also sees the highest average speeds of the stretch between Rice Blvd and 59 which exponentially increases the danger being created for residents.  At the other current bus stops (Location #2 and #3), vehicles are either first turning onto shepherd or stopping at an intersection with a light.  That means those vehicles are almost always traveling under the speed limit.  The same cannot be said for Location #1 where vehicles have had ample time to reach full speed and are yet unaware of a stoplight ahead. 

c) Measurements of the distance from where the bus shelter will be placed and the driveway/alley show neither provides even close to sufficient time for a northbound vehicle on shepherd to react and stop before colliding with a vehicle coming out of the alley.  The driveway is within 35’ and the alley <50’, both of which are without a doubt physically impossible distances for a car to stop in time! This isn’t an opinion, but a undisputable scientific fact.  Assuming perfect conditions (regular sized car, not speeding, brand new tires, dry road and a driver paying attention and reacting as quickly as possible), it would still be impossible to stop in time.  Now factor in a metro bus or large vehicle going at least 30mph and you can see the inevitable danger created.  Metro is spitting in the face of the laws of physics by placing a large obstruction at Location #1.  Factor in this stretch of Shepherd is situated on a curve, the new metro bus shelter will reduce visibility by over 50% and make it virtually impossible to safely enter shepherd(see pic attached).   

As I said this project shouldn’t be addressed and stopped based on need or appearance, as it already has been done once by Metro, but must be stopped solely on the pure scientifical fact that if placed here bad/potentially deadly accidents will happen; not might, but WILL happen.  Anyone that has lived in the vicinity of the 2100 block of Tangley for more than a few weeks knows how many accidents already happen from illegal left turns and wrong way drivers.  With this additional obstruction to the street view, there is no way anyone will be able to safely pull out on the street.  I myself have a 2 year old and now will have to face this awful situation every single day and there are at least 4 other families on Tangley St alone that have children under 4 that will have to do so as well. 

While you consider the undisputable scientific facts that make this a life-threatening stop, please keep in mind if you are thinking to yourself not my problem they can deal with it and yet you drive on this stretch of Shepherd, WE RESIDENTS ARE JUST AS LIKELY TO HIT YOU PULLING OUT OF THE ALLEY AS YOU ARE TO HIT US because of this obstruction Metro is placing.  This is a nightmare situation for everyone!  This specific project must be stopped as Metro showed complete disregard in considering the safety issue they are creating and chose this location solely because it was the next closest stop to the original corner stop (Location #1) that was halted because a few residents didn't like the look it would create.  That is not the issue here, safety is the issue here!!

The goal here is not to impede the development of public transportation and hinder Metro's ability to better serve its riders, but as I have clearly laid out this is the least safe way of doing so and creates potential for way more harm than good.

As a 3rd generation, 25+ year resident of Southampton Place and most importantly a father of a 2 year old boy, safety is my primary concern and this shelter directly impacts the safety of my family and every other family that drives down Shepherd.  PLEASE DON'T JEOPARDIZE THE SAFETY OF OUR FAMILIES FOR A SHELTER THAT CREATES NO ADDED BENEFIT IN THIS LOCATION AND IS ONLY PLACED HERE AS A SECONDARY OPTION AFTER FIRST LOCATION WAS SCRAPPED OVER MUCH SMALLER CONCERNS.

In summary, this project negatively impacts the safety and security of every resident directly impacted on Tangley and Quenby, but also every resident that drives down South Shepherd every day.  This is becoming a life or death situation for child, woman and man in the vicinity and it doesn't have to be.  I'd be happy to speak further and provide more images and facts where needed.


Matthew Smith

153 have signed. Let’s get to 200!