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Chief Executive Officer
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Bring back "The Glades"


As your network's first drama to give you success, and last longer than one season, cancelling "The Glades" after a record setting season finale leaves the fans in a poor position. I believe you owe it to the fans to renew it for Season 5.

Letter to
Chief Executive Officer Abbe Raven
As your first scripted drama to receive a renewal and give AETV an audience, I'm urging you to reconsider your decision to cancel, "The Glades". Not only did the season finale receive a high rating, the cast has been superb at interacting with the show's audience through Twitter, and other social media. They give their time to build the audience, and answer fan questions on a regular basis.

With a dedicated fan base, I find it more than reasonable to ask your network to reconsider the decision, and put "The Glades" back on AETV.